About Brentwood Capital Solutions

Your Business Equipment Leasing and Financing Specialists.

Brentwood Capital Solutions is a nation-wide equipment leasing company that provides a vast array of leasing solutions to our clients. We are a vendor-driven company, as most of our business is derived from referrals from equipment vendors.

We take the time to get an in-depth understanding of our vendors, their specific product lines, and who their customers are. We then custom-design a leasing program targeted at that individual vendor, their equipment, and their end-user. The purpose of a custom program is not to salvage sales, but to generate new sales.

We train our vendors in the implementation of their leasing program. Used properly by the vendor salesperson, leasing will become the strongest tool in their sales arsenal.

Equipment Leasing and Financing Made Easy!

Brentwood Capital Solutions works closely with every client to determine the best possible financing options for their equipment leasing needs. Financing can sometimes be a stressful and difficult process. BCS takes the worry out of the lease financing process by listening to our client's needs and finding the best possible program.

For more information and to apply, please visit www.brentwoodcapitalsolutions.com

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